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Medical equipment parts

Works with leading medical and dental device makers, wearable tech startups, suppliers, and research labs to accelerate rapid prototyping and dynamically scale manufacturing capacity. 86% of Fortune 500 medical products and equipment companies depend on our production capabilities such as industrial-grade 3D Printing, high-tech CNC Machining processes, and advanced Injection Molding for rapid prototyping, product testing, custom tooling, and custom design manufacturing.

Top medical applications:
• Orthodontic models
• Removable dentures
• Dental implant modeling
• Models for clinical training and surgical planning
• Highly variable, low-volume production runs with high-precision tolerances
• Custom tooling brackets and chassis for medical manufacturing
• Rapid prototyping of medical devices using additive manufacturing
• Rapid prototyping of medical devices using CNC Machining
• Custom fixturing

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