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Household appliance prototype

offers a wide range of Rapid Manufacturing services that support our customers through each stage of the product introduction cycle: research and development, prototype, pre-production, testing, and market introduction.

Rapid Manufacturing is a broad term that encompasses the range of processes noted above as well as hybrid techniques that combine multiple technologies to reach a desired outcome in the shortest possible time.  It is important to note that Rapid Manufacturing is distinct from prototyping, in that it requires a higher degree of attention to quality, repeatability, and the more stringent requirements of production applications.  In this regard We are one of the few in the industry that is a true rapid manufacturer.

Offered Rapid Manufacturing services for more than two decades, giving us substantial experience to help our customers select the right process or combination of processes to meet their project objectives.  Moreover has developed highly advanced manufacturing systems to shorten the production cycle to the extreme.  It is precisely our experience and systems that allow us to quickly converge on solutions, reduce process variability, and repeatedly deliver to very compressed schedules.

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