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Company culture

Enterprise positioning: Technology is king, out of the world.
Ten years of grinding a sword, the "East Asian model" decade is the decade of talent cultivation, which is the decade of technological accumulation and technological innovation. In 2018, the East Asian model has developed into one of the most powerful prototyping suppliers in China. The goal of “Building the International First Product Development and Manufacturing Platform” inspires every East Asian model colleague to move toward the “World Excellence” level.  

Core Values: Professional foothold, integrity and long-term; provide prototype prototype manufacturing services for customers.
Professional achievement dreams, service carries the future! We always believe that quality is produced, not tested; enterprises can use high-quality products and services to win customers' smiles, but it is impossible to get the true trust of customers only by smiling. Therefore, in the past ten years, the "East Asian Model" has always insisted on "the customer thinks, we must be able to do it; the customer did not expect, we have to help the customer think", it is the intimate and meticulous service attitude, which has won us all over the world. Friends! It is precisely because of everyone's support that the East Asian model is more determined to move forward.  

Management philosophy: Employee growth is the growth of the company; cultivating the employees into the strongest industry, the enterprise can become the strongest in the industry.
We are pursuing excellence, so our only requirement for our employees is “simple things to do”, always looking for efficiency and progress, and paying attention to method and technology. Through the sharing of interests, the company mobilized the subjective initiative of each employee and completed the great transformation of “I want to do it” to “I want to do it”. Relying on advanced machinery and equipment, a strong technical team, and a humanized management philosophy, the East Asian model has become the industry benchmark.

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